Bachelor Pad Design

Bachelor Pad Design

8 Simple Design Tips to Your Ultimate Bachelor Pad

Guys- are you looking for some simple ways to spruce up your bachelor pad? You finally have your own place and have the freedom to design it YOUR way, but don’t know where to start? You know you’re ready to turn your pad into a home you can be proud of and show off to friends and family, but hiring an interior designer can be costly. Here are a few tips you can follow to turn your home into your dream home:

TIP #1
Clutter-free zone (keep it tidy)
Before being able to apply any design to your home, you have to ensure your space is clutter-free, organized and fresh. A good way to start is to spend a couple of hours going through any items you haven’t used in over a year. It’s time to get charitable. If you don’t use it, give it away to charity. Next, hiring a cleaner or do-it yourself, but be sure to have those tables, countertops and floors are CLEAN! Nothing impresses family, friends (and your romantic dates) more than a bachelor pad that looks and smells fresh!

Tip #2
Keep it simple
When it comes to design, many get overwhelmed. It seems like a daunting task to make it all flow and match and just look so cohesively perfect. Not to worry. Many designers don’t tell you this, but there IS a method to their madness. Use neutral colors and simple furniture features. Don’t over-think things. On the flip-side, it’s time to grow up. Throw out uncle Tim’s bench you’ve been using as a “temporary” nightstand for the last 3 years. You don’t want it to look like you’ve set up camp in your own home. You need the basic furniture every home ought to have so now’s the time to go out and get your sofa, dining table and bed frame and any other furniture essential you need to make your home “homey”. Below is a perfect example of a simple design scheme.

Tip #3
Show your personality
Are you into cars? Airplanes? Maybe you’re a tennis pro or perhaps a vintage art collector? Whatever rocks your boat – don’t be afraid to pull some of that personality into your design. Whether it be a color, a hobby, a sport or just random things that speak to you and bring out who YOU are. Use it. Show it on your walls, use it as inspiration to select your accessories. Go wild and don’t be afraid to portray your personality in your space. Below is a fantastic example of letting your personality come through in your home design:

Tip #4
Pillow Accents for your Sofa
You know those fluffy soft things you all like to put under your head for those afternoon zz’s on the couch? They’re called accent pillows and they can do WONDERS for your space and add some serious pizzazz to your room! It is not wrong to mix and match colors, but to keep it simple, stick to the same color family (for example; deep blue, light blue, gray-blue) but mix and match patterns and textures. It’s OK if one pillow is solid, the other is patterned and the third is striped. If the colors flow well together – it works!

Tip #5
Heaved hand towels in your bathroom
Waking up to a spa-like bathroom would be wonderful and if you’ve just moved into a brand new home with sexy bathroom features – then you’re in luck, but even for those of you in homes that are not brand new – “less is more”. Just remember to make that “less” be of quality. Throw some nice matching heaved hand towels in your bathroom and voila! You’ve just upgraded the look of your bathroom! If you can afford to add in an nice bathroom mat to match or accent a color in the towels then you’ve just earned yourself an A!

Tip #6
Make your bed using luxurious bedding
The bedroom – your sanctuary! Guys, if you want it to look good, there is no getting around this one. What mom handed over from your college days needs to retire. Get yourself some high-quality luxurious bedding. There are several places like or where you can purchase these without breaking the bank. It will make a huge difference in your room and give you that luxury hotel-room feel. It will definitely make you look like you know what you’re doing (whether that be the case or not).

Tip #7
Be prepared to entertain
Now that the big things are in place, it’s easy to forget about the details. Don’t fret though, we’re just talking about some simple glassware. Whether you’re a coffee addict, wine fanatic or simply like your whiskey neat, with water or on the rocks, be prepared. Have some nice glassware to entertain with. A couple of fine serving plates for nuts and chips may also come in handy when you’re ready to entertain your guests.

Tip #8
Set the mood
Erase any and all Austin Powers visuals that just came to your head. To set the mood right, you need to think about a few key elements. Be sure to set the right lighting for the occasion. If you’re entertaining, you may want your lighting to be soft and relaxing. If you have a fireplace that works – use it! If it doesn’t work, tidy it up and place 3 pillar candles (safely) in the fireplace and light them up. Set a few scented candles around the room and just enjoy!

Now it’s time to enjoy! Revel in what you have accomplished in your home and celebrate your brand new bachelor pad with friends, family, and of course, champagne.

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